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"Finding this deep, clear and refreshing teachings has been a great present. You are a magnific teacher. I recommend it. to all people, beginers or not .Ian Sinclair tiene una magnífica didáctica y un estilo divertido y agradable que hace que seguir sus vídeos sea fácil y interiorices tanto lo esencial como lo sutil del tai chi. Su lenguaje es claro y sencillo y con un nivel normal de inglés es más que suficiente para entenderlo a la perfección.Enhorabuena. Este material merece la pena. No os duela pagar por él."

- Miguel Gorrea

"Brilliant and absolutely generous teaching. A real gift to martial arts, as much as to the art of teaching itself. Ian Sinclair is a true master that every serious student hopes for."

- Amit Pagedar

"I am enjoying this course. Good humor; good instruction."

. - Joseph Gillen

"This is really exceptional: I started doing TaiJi here in Taiwan with an excellent teacher, however, he's currently away in Hollywood, so I was just doing basic exercises over and over again. The lessons here track very well with what I was taught previously and give me some variety in my daily practice while I await the return of my teacher. Thanks so much for this, looking forward to it's additions!"

- Jacob Palmer

"Superb. Thank You."

- Anthony Murphy

"Excellent material"

- David Ng

"This is the best you can get off the net. I like Ian's sense of humor and teaching style. Looking forward for more. Thanks a lot!"

- Gene

"This is by far the most comprehensive "translation" of the taiji quan forms I have encountered in terms of body mechanics. From the point of view of a western mind used to understanding mechanics rather than what those mechanics feel like, this is an excellent resource. I sincerely hope the series will also extend to cover in such detail the energetic aspect of the practice and bridge the mechanics with what is often misunderstood as "Chinese magic"; usually due to simplistic translation of Chinese terms taken out of context. Thank you Mr. Sinclair and everyone else contributing to this treasure of martial arts! Worth every cent."

- John R

"Awesome teaching thank you:),I have been in Martial Arts 43 years and your instruction is some of the best I have seen,please keep up the great work:)"

- Paul Pearson
That's the real stuff you're teaching. Very nice!
- Byron Zhang
Excellent video!
- Dave Zodiac
Without doubt best on youtube.
- sopwithcamels266
I love the lessons!
- DavZRM
Thank you so much for being so open about your knowledge, and I'm grateful that you can explain "stuff" so eloquently. I have really enjoyed your vids.
- Ian Jackson
Excellent! Really true, honest and sincere teaching! Regards from Russia!
- Alexei Poârkov
Great explanation, this helped me a lot. Thanks.
- sefton999
Love it! Do you ever come to the UK, Ian?
- DavidTimothyLovegod
Superb instruction… thanks Ian.
- MegaSteve53
Very informative. I'm a subscriber now!
- blockmasterscott
You help so much with my form, I hope to one day visit you and your school in Canada. I love what you do and how you do it, so thanks so much my friend.
- Dave Stokes
Wow great videos. Im learning a lot!
- Rodrigo Trovão
Another great lesson. Thanks.
- Le Lam
Again an honest and good video. Great coments and interaction. I enjoyed watching it
- fordo289
Thanks for such clear instruction!
:o) I don't practice this specific form, but watch all of your videos to better learn the skill of teaching taiji quan. A very worthwhile example to emulate. We need more of this, and I hope (like you) to help raise the level of skill within our community. Again, thanks for being an inspiration!
- John Blue
Thanks again! Working hard to get the movements down. Hope I'm doing it right. This is my fourth or fith time following this video now
- Jefry Calizigman
This is the best tai chi instructional series I have found on youtube. Very good work!
- SuperObligatory

“Ian has got the good stuff and has taken it in new directions. Its a privilege to study with progressive, forward thinking instructors, solidly rooted in the traditional fundamentals. Ian's hard work in both directions makes him a great teacher and guide."

- Sam Masich (International martial arts champion, teacher, and film-maker) Berlin, Germany

“Tai Chi and Qigong, as predicted and promoted, have given a whole new meaning to relaxation, meditation, and proper breathing, as well as a whole new way to understand, manage, and use my energy for improved health and well-being, for myself and others. Among the numerous changes and improvement over a period of 12 months was the disappearance of a rotator cuff problem. Where I had limited range of motion with pain and the prospect of continuing limitations without surgery, I now have full range of motion with no pain...a very grateful 68 year old. Thanks Ian!!”

Gord: Educator, Newmarket, Ontario

“It is very easy for me to say good things about my instructor, Ian Sinclair. Previous to my two years of Tai chi training, I suffered with joint pain and lack of energy. At 48 years of age I felt like 68. After a few months the stiffness in my joints was gone, my balance improved as well as my outlook on life. I wish I had more time to practise, but even a half hour per day makes me feel good. Ian knows his stuff and is a dedicated teacher with the proper philosophy.”

John Lebarr (Singer songwriter, carpenter) Washago, Canada

“We've studied with Ian on and off for the past decade. Due to our own time constraints and travel restrictions, we're not able to take advantage of Ian's considerable skill as an instructor as often as we'd like. Having met and worked with many martial arts instructors over the years, I can say without hesitation that Ian Sinclair is one of the best we've encountered. The reason for this, I feel, is his ability to communicate clearly and thoroughly the wealth of knowledge he's accumulated over the years to a wide array of people. He's able to cater instruction to each individual in the class without taking away from the collective experience of the group. He lives his art, and his calm presence and sharp wit make for an enjoyable learning experience. We look forward to working with Ian in the future both for our own study and to consult with our actors on future film projects. He offers amazing value, is a trustworthy resource and an excellent human being."

- Roben Goodfellow (Writer, researcher, film maker) Toronto

“Ian was the Sifu that appeared when this student was ready. He has always been a patient and supportive instructor with a compassionate, relaxed disposition and a willingness to go the extra distance for people who demonstrate their commitment to Wushu. May the universe bring you great success and joy!”

- Jay Fletcher - Practitioner of Tai-Chi Chuan since 2002

“Ian Sinclair is amazing. In my opinion he is one of the few modern tai chi stylists who understands and researches the martial side of tai chi. His push hands skills is amazing and he can extend this ability to applications . Great job Ian!!!”

- Adam Chan - Martial artist since 1986. Author of Climbing Mountains and Eating Punches. Chief instructor of Pragmatic Martial Arts, Vancouver

“I was first introduced to Master Ian Sinclair several years ago, and immediately I was impressed with his knowledge and skill of the Chinese Martial Arts. In my experience there are only a small handfull of individuals in Canada who can teach Tai Chi at the level of Master Sinclair. Even fewer can teach Tai Chi with the same level of humility that he represents. If you were to pick the top 5 instructors of Tai Chi in Canada, your list would have to include Master Ian Sinclair.”

- Jason Ward: Martial Arts Instructor: International Chinese Martial Arts Research Society, International Genkidokai

“I wish I could find another tai chi instructor like him here.”

- F. Hamaguchi: Software Developer - Vancouver