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Tai Chi with Ian Sinclair : Level 1 : 26-section Extraordinary Foundation Routine.
22 Videos are currently posted (18 hours 20 minutes). More videos to come.
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Tai chi has developed over many centuries, although the oldest existing style is less than 300 year old.

Its popularity has lead to simplification, distortion, and dilution of the deep and profound wisdom, skills, and potential of the art.

Tai chi is a deep and profound ancient art with vast potential to improve individual lives and society as a whole. The benefits to health, fitness, and wellbeing are physical, mental, and emotional. The spin-off benefits of widespread practice are economic, social, political, military, spiritual and ecological.

There have been those who believed that the way to make the art more accessible was to simplify it and to teach it to as many people as possible. But that is like promoting art by teaching paint-by-numbers, or like promoting classical music by teaching simplified 2-finger versions of Mozart concertos.

To benefit the most from tai chi practice, it is important to develop a solid foundation, and to understand the essential basic principles. This will allow you to not only learn the forms and applications correctly, but to apply the principles, methods, and structures of tai chi in every aspect of your life. Learning correctly will allow you to eventually create your own tai chi, and not merely to imitate the motions of others.

This program is designed for beginners and experienced tai chi students, as well as teachers. It is intended to benefit students who have no interest in the martial aspect of the art as well as those who want a thorough understanding of the combat applications.

Whether you seek heath, fitness, martial skill, mind/body empowerment, relaxation, or inner peace, this program will offer it all. That is because tai chi offers it all. Any class that does not include all these benefits is not tai chi.

The course progresses slowly, methodically, thoroughly, and symmetrically. Level 1 introduces the 26-section Extraordinary Foundation Routine. This routine contains all the movements of the traditional Yang style routine, including some which are seldom taught. The routine is symmetrical and suitable for practice in a small space while watching on a computer or television screen. After completing the 26-Section routine, you will find that learning traditional long routines and modern simplified routines will be considerably easier.

Martial applications of movements are taught in detail, with the goals of making the form easier to understand. The martial applications will also demonstrate that merely learning technique is not enough. It is also important to understand the method of applying the technique and to develop the internal mental, physical, and energetic qualities that make the method automatic and instinctive. 2-person tuishou (pushing hands) will also be taught in detail, as well as solo methods for developing tuishou skills.

The course is taught in a way that is easy to follow but leaves nothing out. Lessons are typically 30-60 minutes long. You can progress as quickly or as slowly as you like.

New lessons will be added over time. Archived lessons, essays, and recordings live classes and seminars will also be included.