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Tai Chi Tuishou for Striking and Mid-Range Grappling

"Tuishou is about more than pushing. The skills developed in mid-range grappling can also be applied in long-range and mid-range striking. This lesson was a pleasure to teach because I got the opportunity to teach someone who is quite capable of ripping my arm off and pummelling me with it."
Tuishou is considered a mid-range skill. But the principles of tuishou can also be applied in other ranges. Likewise, principles of good grappling can also be applied in long-range and mid-range.  
This requires proper cultivation of structure, relaxation, and fundamental push hands skills (sticking and following in a circle, peng, lu, ji, an, zai, lieh, zhou, kao). 

As we see in this video, the important skills cultivated by a grappler are often forgotten when switching to long range. While a person might be very relaxed and well aligned during close-range grappling, that structure is sometimes abandoned when the switch is made to long range. Tuishou is a valuable exercise for teaching students to make the transition between different ranges without abandoning the key attributes that should be common to all ranges.

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