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Tai Chi Level 1 - Yang Style Foundation Routine - Lesson 13 - Martial Applications of "Brush Knee, Push" and " "Strum the Lute" (Trailer)

Power is found in stillness.
It is the same as with other arts. Great painters and sculptors can make powerful use empty space. Great musicians shape emotional responses by manipulating silence. Great actors can combine stillness and silence to powerful effect.
Large movements are inferior to small movements. But no movement, no matter how small, can contend against a single expression of stillness.

Trailer (8 minutes 47 seconds)

The full video has Front and Rear view of the first 7 Sections and Martial applications of "Brush Knee Push" and "Play Guitar".

Click here to get the complete Video from Vimeo

(67 minutes)

Click here to get the complete Video from Pivotshare

(67 minutes)
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