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Tai Chi Tuishou (Pushing Hands) Lesson 6 (The Original Series)

Tai Chi Tuishou (Pushing Hands)

Lesson 6

- Four Hands

This is the bread and butter of tai chi training.
In a perfect world, you would be able to defend yourself against all attackers, and in your daily life get through every challenge, by using only the four perfect energies of Peng, Lu, Ji, and An.

These four energies don't always work, however, because things happen. Sometimes the opponent is lucky, and sometimes the opponent is just better at this stuff. (When Peng Lu, Ji and An fail, then we have to fall back on secondary techniques like Zai, Lieh, Zhou, and Kao. But we will talk about them later.)

Four hands deals with just about every hand technique you can imagine, including punches, pushes, grabs, joint locks, pressure points, etc. And the energies apply equally to techniques of all kinds, including kicks, sweeps, and even ground techniques.

It is hard for beginners to understand the importance and universal application of this exercise. But that is why it is an advanced art. Only advanced martial artists will really understand what the practice is all about.
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