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10-Form Reference Video

Complete routine - front & back view. Individual elements in detail. Full narration.

The “10 Form” tai chi routine is also known as the “8 Form” tai chi routine. This routine was created in Beijing in the late 1990’s. It has become very popular as an introductory routine, and is now taught around the world.

  • The complete 10 form routine viewed from the rear “follow me” view. The front view of the routine is presented inset. on the lower right of the screen. Narration is included to guide you through the routine.
  • Components: Each movement is presented with two points of view and multiple repetition. Narration describes the movements and offers tips and advice.
    • Commencement
    • Repulse monkey
    • Brush Knee Push
    • Part the horse’s mane
    • Wave hands like clouds
    • Rooster stands on one leg
    • Kick with heel
    • Grasp the Bird’s tail
    • Cross hands
    • Conclusion
  • The complete 10 form is presented again with rear view, and again with front view.

Duration: 68 minutes.

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