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10 Form Tai Chi Part 1 - Commencement (From the original series)

10 Form Tai Chi

Part 1 (Commencement)

The first movement in the 10 form tai chi is simply called commencement, although it could be called "Wuji becomes Taiji."

This is a good movement in which to pay attention to the proper alignment of the head, back and waist. It is also a good place to introduce the importance of sinking the shoulders and relaxing the elbows.

You may find your breath start to coordinate with the movement so that you inhale as the hands rise and exhale as the hands lower. But be careful not to try too hard to control the breath. The important thing is that you breath, and that you relax.

Your teacher may eventually use this movement to teach you a great deal about breathing, relaxation, alignment, and qi cultivation.

This first movement of traditional tai chi routines is often overlooked, but it is possibly the most important movement of the form, so pay attention to the little details. If you are learning tai chi for self defence, you will find that this movement is extremely important for helping you to develop the proper natural instinct.


10 Form Tai Chi Part 0 The Complete Routine (From the original series)

10 Form - The Complete Routine

The 10 form tai chi is especially well designed for beginners. One of the great advantages is that it can be performed without turning more than 90 degrees to either side. This means that, with a video such as this, the student is able to follow along without needing to repeatedly look over his or her shoulder to see what the teacher is doing.

The inset in this video also enables the student to see what the hands are doing when they would not otherwise be visible.


10 Form Tai Chi Part 6 - Rooster Stands on One Leg (From the original series)

Tai Chi

Part 6 (Rooster Stands on One Leg)

Rooster stands on one leg is the first real balancing posture in this routine. If you can, try to lift your knee to your elbow without dropping your hand lower than the top of your head.

If you have any trouble with your balance, however, feel free to lift your leg only as high as you like. It is okay to let the toe touch the ground.

10 Form Tai Chi Part 5 - Wave Hands Like Clouds (From the original series)

10 Form Tai Chi

Part 5 Wave Hands Like Clouds

Wave hands like clouds can function as a complete exercise in itself. It could also serve as a complete martial art in itself.

In the beginning, try not to be too overwhelmed by what many see as a complicated set of moves. With practice, you will learn to love this movement and the wonderful sense of root, power, relaxation, and energy flow that you experience while doing it.

With each step, you should be looking at the hand opposite to the foot that is stepping. You should not be able to see your foot move, even with your peripheral vision.

When you lift your knee to step, move the knee forward, rather than trying to lift the whole leg up and to the side. This way the hips can stay level, and the foot will describe a slight arc as it moves to the side.

Keep the lower back open and relaxed. This is done by settling the weight into the thighs and using the turning of the waist and hips to keep the balance. Do not lean from side to side.


10 Form Tai Chi Part 4 - Parting the Horse's Mane (From the original series)

10 Form Tai Chi

Part 4 (Parting the Horse's Mane)

Part the horse's mane is sometimes called "reach for the mail and pet the dog." Be careful not to let the forward arm go too far to the side. It should remain in a very relaxed and powerful position as it should in "reverse reeling forearms." Think of the arm movement as reaching forward rather than swinging sideways. The rear hand drops to a comfortable position with the arm relaxed and hanging naturally at the side. Very little effort is required to "sit the wrist" so the palm is facing down.

The bow stance should not be too narrow, and the hips should square with the weighted leg. When this is done correctly, the lead thigh should be doing all the work, and the rest of the body will be quite relaxed.


10 Form Tai Chi Part 3 - Brush Knee and Push (From the original series)

10 Form Tai Chi

Part 3 - Brush Knee and Push

Brush knee push introduces the basic bow stance and stepping movement. It is more sophisticated than you may think at first. Be careful to not twist the knees. Instead try to twist the waist more and keep the front hip (the one with the weight on it) low and back.

Also, step slowly with the heel touching the ground before the toe. Do not look in the direction of the step, but rather keep your eyes on the rear hand as it comes to pass by your ear. Only begin twisting and turning into the push after the whole foot is flat on the floor.

10 Form Tai Chi Part 2 - Reverse Reeling Forearms (From the original series)

10 Form Tai Chi

Part 2 (Reverse Reeling Forearms)

Reverse reeling forearms is a version of "Step back to repulse the monkey."
This movement is simpler in that the stepping is eliminated. But there is still lots to pay attention too. You should try to maintain the balanced and rooted posture that you established in the first movement. But now you ad the twisting of the waist. If your posture was correct in the first movement, then your lower back will be relaxed and the waist will turn easily. If, however, the lower back is still tense, then only the upper part of the waist will move, if the waist can twist at all.

This movement can also teach you a lot about the proper dynamic range for the shoulders and hips. In both cases it is important not to allow either joint to go too far. Keep the hips sinking, and the shoulders relaxed and dropping.


10 Form Tai Chi Part 9 - Cross Hands and Conclusion (From the original series)

10 Form Tai Chi

Part 9 (Cross Hands and Conclusion)

The last lesson in this series, the tai chi 10 form ends with "Cross Hands" and "Conclusion."
The form and application are taught here by Ian Sinclair with the assistance of Adrian Bhatti.


10 Form Tai Chi Part 8 - Grasp the Bird's Tail (From the original series)

10 Form Tai Chi

Part 8 Grasp the Bird's Tail


10 Form Tai Chi Part 7 - Kick with Heel (From the original series)

10 Form Tai Chi

Part 7 Kick with Heel

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