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Learn tai chi with a program specially designed for online learning, with something for students of all levels.

This is traditional tai chi, with nothing omitted. However, it is taught in a way that is easy for you to follow.

The choreography of these tai chi routines are symmetrical, which means you will be exercising each part in balance. This is different from traditional routines which tend to be very right-handed, and teach most tai chi movements only on one side of the body. In many ways, the tai chi routine taught in this online course is more in keeping with traditional methods of teaching tai chi.

These tai chi routines have a consistent forward orientation, so you won't be standing with your back to the screen and looking over your shoulder all the time to see what is happening.

This tai chi program can be done in a small space. Your bedroom or office probably has enough room already, without requiring you to move a lot of furniture.

The tai chi movements in this video series are not simplified. But they are easy to follow. While the trend over the past century has been to make the tai chi easy to teach by watering it down, Ian Sinclair has developed a comprehensive tai chi program that is progressive and linear without leaving anything out. The so-called "Tai chi secrets" are presented in a clear and modern language, with reference to known laws of physics.

Modern tai chi terminology is used here whenever possible. The classic tai chi terminology is confusing to most students, even those who grew up with the language. This course tries to create a new tai chi terminology and to explain tai chi concepts in a way with which modern students will be familiar.

Tai chi for health vs Tai chi for martial arts

This online tai chi course is suitable for NON-martial artists as well as for devoted martial artists. Most people practise tai chi for its proven health benefits. So, the martial components may not be a focus for many. But the martial components of tai chi are included here for those who wish to know more. To be clear, the only difference between "martial tai chi" and "tai chi for health" is the depth and breadth of instruction. You can learn tai chi for health without practising the martial component of tai chi. But you cannot learn "martial tai chi" without practising "health tai chi."

Can you learn tai chi from a video?

In fact, you can learn tai chi from a video. Not everything, of course. But a great deal. In fact, the goal of these online tai chi lessons is to help you to eventually learn from yourself, and to do your own research. As you progress, there will be some things that will require a partner, and later, you may benefit from having direct feedback from a teacher. But most tai chi classes even those taught in person, are largely a matter of following visual and verbal instruction. If you need to have a personal video chat with the instructor, that can be arranged. When you have an understanding of the basics, visiting a tai chi instructor near you for hands-on correction may be worth your while.

Ian Sinclair is a unique and internationally respected teacher with 40 years of experience. He has studied many different styles of tai chi, neigong, and martial arts under many of the World's great teachers. He has a unique teaching method, but has not yet declared a unique style. This curriculum teaches principles which are compatible with other traditional styles, including Yang style, Chen style, Wu style, Sun style, Hao style, Zhaobao style, and others.

Students visit Ian Sinclair from around the World, and he sometimes accepts invitations to teach private tai chi lessons or group tai chi seminars in various locations around the globe.

The main focus of this first course is the 26-section (108 posture) Yang Style Foundation Routine. It was developed by Ian Sinclair based on decades of study and research into eight different variations of the Yang style, which is the most popular style of tai chi in the world. Later videos will introduce the Chen style foundation routine, and others. Learning this tai chi routine will take you far. And, it will serve as a strong foundation if you later want to study other online tai chi courses, or study with another teacher. You will find that, with some simple changes, once you know the 26-section tai chi routine, you will already know the choreography for the traditional Yang style tai chi long routine.

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